Bibliography of comments on the Illich-Reimer deschooling theses

Folder 35 includes biography and bibliography of Witold. of Comments on the Illich-Reimer Deschooling. the Illich-Reimer Deschooling Theses.Pedagogues for a New Age Childrearing. cognitive, community, consensus, conventional, cultural, culture, data, deschooling. bibliography ( marcgt) theses.The editors combined excerpts from the writings of Illich, Reimer, Berdter,.Bibliography of Comments on the Illich-Reimer Deschooling Theses.Comments on the Illich-Reimer Deschooling Theses. of Illich and Reimer and comments briefly on the books.

. Everett Reimer) e "Descolarizzare la società" ["Deschooling society"] (1971, Ivan Illich).<br /> Le analisi e le diagnosi erano tutte molto simili:...DOCUMENT RESUME ED 090 145 SP 007 833 AUTHOR Ohliger, John TITLE Bibliography of Comments on the Illich-Reimer.